GChan is the person in charge of warnings and the security in this wiki, You can talk to him here if a warning was given incorrectly or the user was blocked incorrectly, Any comment that is explained in a crude way will be removed and depending on the gravity possibly the user will be blocked.

About he

It is a person a little angry and has no patience so I apologize for their behavior towards users, He was the only one I accept to help me so it most likely will not be removed.


  • If GChan behavior exceeds you should alert me, he will not be removed but possibly blocked.
  • LilianaChan will take care of the warnings when he is blocked.
  • He is a man but I call he with Chan because I love bother he.
  • He have 14 years.
  • He has born 18 of June.
  • Sometimes he talks about 18+ things
  • This place is like his user page with his Message Wall.