Haruka Kurosawa is a Idol considered a great star since she have 8



Her eyes are blue and her hair is red with a little of brown. Its appearance is the same as in the lives.


She is a perfectionist, and she is very concerned about her appearance. She sometimes takes advantage of others and is not interested in hurting others if it is for their own good. Sometimes she has fits of anger also has panic attacks before a show.


  • Koun: is the manager of Haruka.
  • Anna Kurosawa:She is his mother and lives with her
  • Jiro Kurosawa:is his father

Significant Coords


  • Her birthday was December 28.
  • She loves the white tea.
  • She went to France for the work of she Mother


AMV Aikatsu! - Otona Mode + FULL

AMV Aikatsu! - Otona Mode + FULL

This video is from Final Form