You need create a character? do not use an official character(Pripara or Aikatsu characters) or a character from another user, It can be a recolor or drawing (if you want to draw).

You need.

  • Character appearance (add a photo, I can help you with this).
  • Relationships.
  • Personality.
  • Trivia.
  • Write your username in the description.


  • The name of the photo need have the name of the user who has upload it.
  • No random names like " Hbiuyvf7yvilooih.Png"
  • If you cross the 18+ line I go to advertise you but if you leave the image I give you a warning.
  • I can help you with the recolor.

Rules of the character

  • No 18+ things. (you can use 18+ but there is a line)
  • Your character can not be perfect.
  • Your character can't be non-human
  • Your character can graduate.
  • your character can not be higher rank than 1 if only income.