also if they break any of these rules will be given a warning if they have more than three warnings they were removed from the wiki. if something goes wrong for any situation more rules are added to prevent it from happening again.


  • Not use original characters or characters from other users
  • Not use ideas from other users
  • Categorize your pages
  • Not edit pages of other users without their permission
  • do not be rude
  • do not say bad things about other users
  • try not to write bad things if you are angry
  • You can use 18+ things but they are a line.

Take in count

  • If someone breaks the rules will be given a warning.
  • There is a user who is in charge of watching the whole wiki.
  • If you are fighting with other user I be happy to see the figth and block you(With affection, the person in charge of the warnings)
  • Users with 4 warnings will be blocked.
  • You can call the person in charge of the warnings like: GChan but he is a boy

They are rules of the character and tthe same warning points are taken